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F36 Learn to Crochet!
Nicole Hallberg
On Being Yourself
Elana Stanger
Merging Creative + Tech + Business + People
Michael Rizzo
On Being Yourself #2
Elana Felice Stanger
On Being Yourself #3
Elana Felice Stanger
F45 Getting to know your team in two questions
Dr. Trish Swed
Bring Your Best Self
Meg Niman
Don't Buy the "A.I." Hype
Tim Allen
Open Source Contracts
Ben Garvey
AI in the Classroom
Jon Brouse
The Future of BarCamp Philly - We Need Help!
Tim Allen & the BCP Team
F50 Explain AI like I'm *4*
Tom Boutell
4 steps to better photos!
Reed Gustow
ChatGPT - IP and Other Legal Issues
Frank Taney
My Journey to Finding Dopamine
Chris @dafinga
It Is Time to Bring Back Etiquette School
Gloria Bell
F55 Points to Ponder on the Prospect of Pulling the Plug on Prescribed Professional Progressions and Pursuing your Personal Path
Lan Ngo, Matt Jastremski
Communicate your strategy better with wardley maps
Club Dispatch
Charlie Li
Time Traveling the hard way
Daniel Shumway
Walking the Line Between Chaos & Order
Amelia Terrapin
George Purkis
F60 Flow, and How to Get Into It
Jessica Abel
Managers' Roundtable
Aaron Held, Mike Devine
Stoicism Altruism
David D. Timony
Empathy for Internal Tech Teams
David Stenglein
Get Off Auto (Camera Settings)
Reed Gustow
Accessibility & FOSS: What could have been?
Daniel Shumway
F65 UI is not the store
Daniel S.
All Speech Is Violence
James Mason
Philly has a city flag and it's trash
Going to Spain won't teach you spanish
Kevin Lee
Old Man Yells at Cloud Engineers
Steve E
F70 Principles for the Plumbing
Joe Woods
Simulating Chaos
Katie Butler & Melissa Sachs
But Have You Considered Fancy Rats?
Daniel Shumway
WordCamp Phily
Win (Visual Webmaster)
Spencer Snugg and Julie Vitale
Vlog With Me
Day 1 Adventures
F85 Train Your Head & Your Body Will Follow
Sandy Joy Weston
20 Years of Remote
Ben Shive
No, Seriously, F*ck Engagement
David Dylan Thomas
How to Deal with Human Emotions at Work
Gurpreet Kaur
Tony Bacigalupo
Half Baked GPT
Tony Bacigalupo
F86 Open Source: Hobby? Gift? Business?
Keith Gregory
Considering Consideration
Harper Yatvin
The Future Belongs to the Polymath
Dasanj Aberdeen
Scientific Animism
Chad O
Political Change Needs You!
Helen Horstmann-Allen
F88 Explaining Educational Polarization in Elections
Will Marble
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